Interactive graphs

Build interactive graph dashboards and smart visualisations fast.

Low-code interactive tools

Your graphs are domain-specific, your annotation tools should be too. With Neuclid you can program fully interactive graph tools with just a few lines of code. Querying and modifying graphs is easy with Neugar, our custom graph-native language. Embed Python to do anything not already supported by Neugar.

Batteries included

Neuclid makes creating fully-featured interactive tools for graphs easy by providing the batteries necessary to create productive tools. From easy graph traversal in Neugar to trivial graph-aligned UI panels, Neuclid makes efficiency the default.

Data where you store it

Run Neuclid locally, as a desktop app, for simplicity and security of your data and systems. Work on local graph data or dynamically access it, wherever you store it, using your own Python code.

Visualise how you conceptualise

Your graphs have a natural structure when you think about them and draw them, visualisations of your graph data should have the same structure. Neuclid enables you to easily define your layout structure, while it handles the gritty details of positioning and rendering.

Distribute flexibly

Distributing your Neuclid tools is simple and flexible. You can use our built-in distribution system, integrate with GitHub or S3, or even manually share Neugar packages over email.

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