Making network graphs productive

A fundamental data structure

Network graphs are a fundamental data structure, they can represent data more expressively, intuitively, and powerfully than other structures. Furthermore, many problems are best solved when tackled as graphs, from traffic flow analysis to automatic software-code transformation. We believe by building better tools for working with network graphs, we can greatly improve productivity and through it, improve the world.

Research from Cambridge University

Neuclid is based on state-of-the-art research from the University of Cambridge and leverages cutting-edge technology to build the software of the future. We continue to push the boundaries through research and development; we believe that our customers and our business are best served by breaking new ground in all aspects of our technology.

Photo of King's College Chapel at the University of Cambridge.
Photo of Indigo Orton, found of Neuclid.


Indigo founded Neuclid to build the tools he wished had existed. From Silicon Valley startups to his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, Indigo used network graphs every day and had the same frustrations many people have with network graphs - they’re powerful but the tooling was ad-hoc and inefficient. He built small tools, for himself, to alleviate the frustrations of the moment. Neuclid was founded on the basis that the best solution would require full focus on the problem.

Photo of Indigo Orton, found of Neuclid.

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